Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

12mg Starter Kit (containing 1x battery, 1x USB charger, 2x cartridges, 1x leaflet)


Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


Key Features

  • New patent-pending technology
  • British made e-liquids
  • Pharmaceutical grade European nicotine
  • Great flavours

Product Overview

The Zebra Starter Kit contains a 280mAh long-life battery, USB charger, and two 510 thread cartomisers which house the heating coil, reservoir and e-liquid within (either Tobacco or Menthol flavours available).

Using a new patent-pending structure, the cartridges give a fresh and clean vaping experience every time. The latest generation of Refills fibrous reservoir is manufactured from highly engineered fibres on a proprietary process; the reservoirs are homogeneously formed into a tube format on a continuous process to fit exactly into the electronic cigarette device dimensions. The fibre size and type used is designed specifically to suit the type of e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes. This homogeneous fibrous reservoir is specifically designed to hold and release e-liquid when required providing an enhanced level of vapour delivery per puff and a higher consistency of vapour delivery device to device (like for like product comparison i.e. same device style/size and same e-liquid).

Zebras are developed and assembled in the UK; our premium quality e-liquids are made in Britain from the highest quality ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Zebra Tobacco is a blend of flavours reminding roasted Virginia and Kentucky leaves with the addition of sweet burley tobacco notes. A touch of raw honey, tobacco flowers and dark Latakia in the background make this blend unique.

Zebra Menthol is a blend of natural mint and spearmint flavours with a hint of menthol and herbs in the background giving this flavour a refreshing taste.

This product contains nicotine (1.2%) and flavourings in a propylene glycol (70%) and vegetable glycerine (30%) base.

The kit includes 1x battery, 1x USB charger, 2x cartridges (either Tobacco or Menthol flavours available).
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