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Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges

£9.95 (incl VAT)

Great value long-lasting cartridges - get more for your money with Electric Zebra!


For less than £1 each, these long life Zebra cartridges are the best value you can get! 

Our new improved cartridges come in Menthol and Tobacco (formerly known as Warm-roasted USA tobacco) and regular nicotine strength.

Each cartridge is filled with e-liquid so there are no messy bottles of liquid to deal with. 

A new atomiser in each cartridge means a fresh smoking experience every time. 


Our Long Life Zebra Cartridges are the perfect way to make the move from smoking to e-smoking.

At just £9.95 for 10 cartridges, our refills are are the best value on the market!

Our two flavours - Tobacco (formerly known as USA tobacco) and Menthol - give a wonderfully satisfying smoking experience every time!

x10 New Menthol 18mg
x10 Tobacco 18mg
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1

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Some key facts...

  • £9.95 for 10 cartridges
  • Two flavours to choose from
  • Regular strength - 1.8% nicotine

Smell Great

Even though your Electric Zebra gives you same satisfying smoking experience as a traditional cigarette, there are loads of differences you will love. The great-tasting vapour which you inhale does not create bad smoky odours , so your clothes and hair can stay fresh all day. You can say goodbye to smoke-stained fingers and teeth too!

How It Works

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Feel healthier and beat the smoking ban with electronic cigarettes.

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