Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges


Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges


Key Features

  • New patent-pending technology
  • British made e-liquids
  • Pharmaceutical grade European nicotine
  • Great flavours

Product Overview

The Zebra 510 thread cartomisers house the heating coil, reservoir and e-liquid within (either Tobacco or Menthol flavours available). Using a new patent-pending structure, the cartridges give a fresh and clean vaping experience every time. The latest generation of Refills fibrous reservoir is manufactured from highly engineered fibres on a proprietary process; the reservoirs are homogeneously formed into a tube format on a continuous process to fit exactly into the electronic cigarette device dimensions. The fibre size and type used is designed specifically to suit the type of e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes. This homogeneous fibrous reservoir is specifically designed to hold and release e-liquid when required providing an enhanced level of vapour delivery per puff and a higher consistency of vapour delivery device to device (like for like product comparison i.e. same device style/size and same e-liquid).

Zebras are developed and assembled in the UK; our premium quality e-liquids are made in Britain from the highest quality ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Zebra Tobacco is a blend of flavours reminding roasted Virginia and Kentucky leaves with the addition of sweet burley tobacco notes. A touch of raw honey, tobacco flowers and dark Latakia in the background make this blend unique.

Zebra Menthol is a blend of natural mint and spearmint flavours with a hint of menthol and herbs in the background giving this flavour a refreshing taste.

This product contains nicotine (1.2%) and flavourings in a propylene glycol (70%) and vegetable glycerine (30%) base.
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Please note our latest generation of Zebra Tobacco Refills aren’t compatible with the previous Tobacco batteries (2014) and you’ll need to purchase a Starter Kit for the Tobacco flavour. The new Zebra battery is more powerful and longer lasting (280mAh) and fits our latest generation of Refills (510 thread) which house the heating coil, reservoir and e-liquid within. We believe this change brings an enhanced vaping experience to our valued customers.