Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

£12.95 £6.50 (incl VAT)

This great value pack gives you everything you need for a healthier smoking alternative that can save you money!


  • A distinctive Zebra print rechargeable e-cigarette
  • Two Stay Fresh cartridges available in USA Tobacco or Menthol flavour.
  • A USB charger - charges your Zebra e-cigarette in 90 minutes from empty.
Always use an official Zebra charger


Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock. We are working to bring this product back into stock as soon as possible.

With your distinctive rechargable cigarette in hand, all of the great benefits of Electric Zebra e-cigarettes are now yours to enjoy.

Now you can leave behind the damaging effects of cigarettes, make big savings and enjoy a great smoking experience anywhere you please.

Whilst a Zebra still contains nicotine and can be smoked just like a cigarette, the vapour your e-cig produces contains none of the toxins of a cigarette, which are known to cause passive smoking.

The unique zebra print design is fast becoming a symbol of safe public smoking in pubs, clubs and restaurants so there's no mistaking it for the real thing.

Starter Pack Menthol Regular (New)
£12.95 £6.50
Starter Pack USA Regular
£12.95 £6.50
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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - image 1

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Some key facts...

  • The e-cigarette charge varies in performance but can last for the use of one Stay Fresh cartridge
  • For optimum battery performance ensure your battery is charged for a maximum of 90 minutes before first use
  • Your e-cigarette has a lifespan of approximately 250-300 recharges
  • The cartridges in the USA and Menthol Starter Pack are a regular 18mg nicotine strength, the same strength as your typical 20 pack of cigarettes

Save Cash with Electronic Cigarettes

Switching partly or completely to e-cigarettes is guaranteed to save you money. The Starter Pack is a great value way to try out e-cigarettes. It comes with one rechargeable battery and two cartridges.  Assuming an average pack of 20 cigarettes cost £6.70, a 40-a-day smoker might save roughly £3,500 a year crossing over to Electric Zebra!


Why choose Electric Zebra?

Feel healthier and beat the smoking ban with electronic cigarettes.

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