Rechargable Zebra Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started!

  • Comes in Tobacco or Menthol
  • Rechargable battery and USB charger
  • Great smoking experience
Rechargable Zebra Starter Kit

RRP: £12.95 Currently only £6.50!

Zebra Long Life Cartidges

Long Life Refills at just £9.95 for 10!

  • 18mg Nicotine in each cartridge
  • Genuine smoking experience
  • Menthol or Tobacco flavour

Order now - pack of 10 just £9.95

Why choose Electric Zebra?

Feel healthier and beat the smoking ban with electronic cigarettes.

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Why Zebra

Electric Zebra electronic cigarettes present a new generation of the e-cigarette. The distinctive look of the Zebra makes it the most practical electric cigarette on the market with an eye catching design that can never be confused with a real cigarette. Our electric cigarettes pose no risk of passive smoking, they do not contain tar or carbon monoxide and they give users a safer smoking experience wherever and whenever they like. Electric Zebra can also save users thousands of pounds a year when they switch from regular cigarettes.

Discover Electric Zebra

Whether you want to use Electric Zebra alongside cigarettes or instead of them, you can get the perfect introduction to this electric cigarette by ordering your own e-cigarette starter kit.  This provides you with everything you need to use your e-cigarette, including two cartridges equal to about 40 cigarettes, a distinctively designed Zebra battery and a USB charger. Choose from three great flavours and two nicotine strengths to find your own perfect Electric Zebra smoking experience.